Into the blizzards

As I shared it 2 weeks ago on social media, my arrival in Chesterfield was delayed by several Blizzards. I continued skiing as much as possible, and took refuge in the tent when wind where simply too strong. 50 km before reaching town i was hit by 70-80 km/h winds, and decided to stay in my tent. Here are some footage of the experience.

Winds shifted direction during the night, resulting in a poorly orientated tent! When facing winds, my tunnel-shaped tent creates a snow channel around itself. However, this effect didn’t work properly : accumulating snow on one side of the tent and clearing any snow from the tent flaps on the other side. Tent flaps are the part of the tent you put snow on to stabilize and hold the tent. The poles you’ll notice around tent are part of my polar bear tripwire alarm.

When going out of my tent, I believed a wall could be build to protect it partially. Winds were too strong however, and simply blew the wall I started earlier away! Standing up or closing the tent door started being complicated. 30 minutes after shooting the footage i decided to move the tent’s orientation despite the blizzard… A tricky situation !

The next day I could quickly cover 15km before being hit and stuck for 2 days by an even stronger blizzard, 35 km from Chesterfield… 😉