The Manneken Trip

A manpowered exploration of the AMericas from North to South

The expedition

The Manneken Trip is Arnaud Maldague’ man-powered adventure into the deep wild. The goal of the journey is to travel from North America to South America while changing of transportation means but without using any motorized vehicles.

The expedition will start in Kugaaruk, Canada, and will end in Ushuaia, Argentina, by practicing: Nordic skiing, snow-kiting, kayaking, cycling, horse riding, sailing, etc. The Manneken Trip will face various natural challenges as the extreme polar cold, the endless Mississippi river, the Caribbean Sea, the Amazonian jungle, Patagonia and many others.


  • + 35.000 km
  • 16 countries
  • 6 practices
  • 1 environmental project
  • 30 months

The environmental project

The Manneken Trip will promote, under the form of mini-interviews, socio-environmental initiatives all around the American continent at different levels: people, businesses, Green Technologies, Non-profit organizations and Environmental scientists.

The goal is to demonstrate that many people go every day out of their comfort zone in order to change the world and that we all can! I’m deeply convinced that our environmental issues and climate change catastrophes can be overcome with the same spirit and energy investment that the Manneken Trip’s expedition: by going out of our comfort zone and making changes into our daily routine.