Het millieuproject

The Manneken Trip will end in 2020, which meets the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals. I will promote environmental initiatives all around the American continent at different levels: people, businesses, Green Technologies, Non-profit organizations and Environmental scientists. I want to demonstrate, outside the fact that I will not use any fuel or motorized vehicle, that many inspiring people go every day out of their comfort zone in order to change the world and that we all can!

I’m deeply convinced that our environmental issues and climate change catastrophes can be overcome with the same spirit and energy investment that the Manneken Trip’s expedition: by going out of our comfort zone and making changes into our daily routine. This environmental project is core to the expedition spirit and exploration goals. Hence the Manneken Trip is a nature driven project, it’s a response to the call of the wild, a try to meet nature under its most varied forms by becoming a chameleon. But this green project will focus on other people, it will add much more interesting dimensions for this project by including international citizens working each in their own way towards a shared mission: life!
Here are some example of ecological initiative

  • Permafrost climate change research
  • Hydroponic & eco-friendly greenhouse
  • Green Technologies
  • Recycle-Art by youth organizations
  • Local cooperative businesses
  • Eco-affordable homes
  • Waste recycling plants/businesses
  • Enterprises using waste as by-products and production inputs
  •  Wildlife preservation alternatives
  • Permaculture farms
  •  Water preservation
On a more frequent basis, I plan to promote unexpected encounters with citizens’ original or outstanding “green” actions under the form small stories. People’s initiatives cans be various as: items recycling, original objects re-use, eco-friendly lifestyles, community initiatives, etc.